Habitat quality alignment error

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I am having trouble with the threat data aligning and filtering. My data is Road data converted from the shapefile data with a resolution of 30m. The road was set to 1 and the places without road were set to 0. All other threat data were aligned and filtered correctly, except the road and railway data. I attached my data and the log results. Would you please help me to see where did I wrong? that would helps me a lot! Thanks so much for reading my message!

Hi @aynur , I’m sorry it seems like the attachments did not work. Could you please attach the logfile again? For sharing your data, it is often best to share a link to a google drive or other hosting service.

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InVEST-Habitat-Quality-log-2022-08-18–08_46_59.txt (17.8 KB)
This is the logfile. Thank you so much

gaosu2000_aligned_HQ2000_NEW01.tif (1.3 MB)
gaosu2000.tif (2.1 MB)
This is road aligned data and road data

Hi @aynur , thanks for sharing. Could you please also share your LULC raster and CSV inputs?

If you don’t mind, please also try the latest version of InVEST. There have been a number of bugfixes since the version you are using. InVEST | Natural Capital Project

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I have also used the newest version of the INVEST model
threats_2000.csv (806 Bytes)
and it still did not solve my problem, the result is the same as the older version of it.
lucc_2000clip_ProjectRaster.tif (5.7 MB)

Hi @aynur , thanks for sharing your data.

I just tried running this in InVEST version 3.12.0 and I don’t see the problem with the aligned roads raster. I edited your threats and sensitivity tables to only include that one layer, since I don’t have your others. But that should not have any impact on the results.

I do notice that the landcover raster you shared is not the same one listed in your logfile from above. Are you able to have success using the LULC raster you attached here?

Hi @aynur , thanks for sharing your data again. The source of the problem is that gaosu2000.tif has a different coordinate reference system than 2000_ROI_Landcover_CLCD.tif.

According to this model’s User Guide:

All spatial inputs must have exactly the same projected coordinate system (with linear units of meters), not a geographic coordinate system (with units of degrees).

It looks like all your rasters except for gauso2000.tif are using EPSG:3857 - WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator

While gauso2000.tif is using WGS_1984_Albers.

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What a rooky mistake. Thanks so much for your help. I will try again. Thanks so much for your help

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