How to use invest workbench

hi,when I use the invest workbench,I find after the completion of the download, open after not entering the operating interface will be automatically closed, this situation how to solve it

And the version I use is the Windows version

Hi @wenjing , thank you for reporting this. It is hard to know exactly what is happening, but please try these steps:

  1. Look in this folder for the Workbench log files (main.log and renderer.log) and please upload them here. C:\Users\your windows username\AppData\Roaming\invest-workbench\logs

  2. Delete this folder: C:\Users\your windows username\AppData\Roaming\invest-workbench\

  3. Try opening the Workbench again.

If you have multiple versions of the Workbench installed, you could also try uninstalling all but the latest version, and then repeat these steps.

Please let us know if this works,

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