Installation of the latest Invest version can't open different maps

Hi everyone

Different maps are installed on the local C:map on my computer after downloading the latest Invest version. When i want to open the map fisheries_hst_demo_invs i don’t have a program/app to run this.
It looks like i only have the data maps and miss the general app or program.

Does someone had the same problem with the installation?
Thank you very much.

Hi @Marlies, thanks for posting. The various *.invs.json or *.invest.json files are only used by InVEST itself to populate inputs in the InVEST dialog. They’re just text files, so you could open them up in Notepad or something like that if you really wanted to see their contents :slight_smile:

Otherwise, the rest of the spatial inputs for the fisheries model should be in the fisheries directory that came with the sample data that you downloaded with the InVEST installer and they will be able to be opened and visualized with a GIS tool like ArcGIS or QGIS.