InVEST 3.12.0 released today

Dear Community,

We are pleased to announce today’s release of InVEST 3.12.0! As with our prior release, 3.12 is available in two flavors, the Classic UI we’ve had in InVEST for the last several years and the new and feature-rich Workbench, with both available for Mac and Windows from the NatCap Website. Python binaries are available for Python 3.8 and later from the Python Package Index.

This version includes:

  • Significant changes to SDR including:
    • Improved sediment deposition, now known as “sediment trapping”
    • Removed legacy outputs
    • New outputs to explicitly quantify the service of sediment retention on the landscape.
  • Minor bugfixes to Coastal Blue Carbon, Habitat Quality, Coastal Vulnerability, NDR, and Urban Flood Risk Mitigation
  • A few quality-of-life improvements that touch all models, including better nearest-neighbor interpolation (via a GDAL update), and a fix for users with non-latin characters in their usernames (via a scipy update)
  • Workbench updates including one making it easier to see the name of selected files
  • A refactor of Habitat Risk Assessment that fixes several bugs, improves the User’s Guide chapter and reintroduces a UI input field for the number of overlapping stressors to use in risk reclassification. We recommend that all users update to this new version of HRA to take advantage of these new fixes and a modest speedup in runtime.
  • Additional fixes and features (as well as more details) can be found in full here: Release 3.12.0 · natcap/invest · GitHub

As always, please let us know if you are experiencing any unexpected behavior by opening a new topic here, and happy modeling!

~ The NatCap Software Team