InVEST 3.8.1 released today

InVEST 3.8.1 is out! This bugfix release represents a hefty collection of fixes throughout InVEST, and is our first release since February, 2020. A few highlights of this release include:

  • The creation of shore points in Coastal Vulnerability is now more reliable
  • An important issue with SDR’s LS calculations has been corrected
  • InVEST no longer depends on matplotlib
  • The InVEST python package is now easier to install on the latest version of Mac OS X

Feel free to take a look at the changelog for detailed information about what’s in this release.

Although we always recommend that users upgrade to the latest version if possible, we especially recommend that users of SDR upgrade this new version.

InVEST binaries can be downloaded from the NatCap website, and python packages are available on PyPI.

Many of the improvements in this release are a direct result of conversations and bug reports that have happened on this forum! So thank you for all the support and feedback.

The NatCap Software Team

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