InVEST 3.8.0 released today

Today we released InVEST 3.8.0. It has been 9 months since our last official release! That means there’s lots of good stuff in this one and we strongly encourage all users to update! Here’s a glimpse:

  • Two new InVEST models: Urban Flood Risk Mitigation & Urban Cooling

  • natcap.invest is fully upgraded to Python 3.7 and Python 2.7 is no longer supported

  • Much improved validation of input data for all InVEST models

  • An improved command-line-interface to facilitate batch-processing, or for those who just prefer to do it from the terminal.

  • Updated sample datasets for many models

  • A rebuild of DelineateIt which is faster and uses Taskgraph to avoid re-computation

  • Important bugfixes and speedups for Coastal Vulnerability (all users should upgrade!)

  • A fix for a critical issue where SDR would hang or crash on MacOS

  • Many more bugfixes across models including SDR, Pollination, Recreation, Coastal Blue Carbon, Habitat Quality, Wave Energy, Seasonal Water Yield, NDR, HRA

  • For a full rundown, see our changelog (

Download the latest version for your operating system at:

Or python users, download the latest from

Many of the improvements in this release are a direct result of conversations and bug reports that have happened on this forum! So thank you for all the support and feedback.

The NatCap Software Team