InVEST 3.13.0 Released

Dear Community,

The Natural Capital Project is thrilled to announce the release of InVEST 3.13.0! Of particular note, this is our first release to be available in Chinese and Spanish as well as English, which is in addition to a wide range of other model fixes, features and a new model, Urban Nature Access. All translations are available from the same InVEST Workbench application, and the InVEST User’s Guide is also available in all three languages. As always, InVEST can be downloaded from our website: InVEST | Natural Capital Project. Python binaries are available for python 3.9 and later from the Python Package Index, and also in the conda ecosystem via conda-forge.

In addition to a translated workbench, this release also includes:

  • Separate User’s Guide builds for Chinese, Spanish and English that will be regularly updated and maintained
  • A brand new InVEST model in the Urban suite, Urban Nature Access, which models the supply and demand for access to nature for urban populations
  • Significant functional updates to the InVEST Habitat Quality model that improve runtime and better align it with the science
  • The classic InVEST experience has been removed, making the Workbench the only supported user interface
  • And many other features and fixes that improve the user’s modeling experience. A full list of changes can be found in the InVEST changelog.

As always, please open a new discussion here on the forums if you run into any issues!