InVEST_3.7 Recreation and Tourism - Question on ConnectionClosedError

Dear users and developers,

I’m working with the inVEST Visitation: Recreation and Tourism model and somehow is running into a ConnectionClosedError when I change the Grid size of my runs to 100 m. Previously, it worked well and produced outcomes when I did not choose any grid size, or when I chose the grid size to be 1000m. But I when I chose a 100 m sized grid I encounter an error that says that “the existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host”.

I attached the log file for your reference. Any help is highly appreciated!


InVEST-Recreation-Model-log-2019-09-26–10_55_46.txt (4.7 KB)

It’s hard to say exactly why this happened. Is this error consistent or did it only happen the one time? Connection issues like this are difficult to troubleshoot, but I have confirmed that the server is up and running and I’ve even restarted it for good measure. So please try again.

The model does require a persistent internet connection throughout the process. So very large, long runs are more susceptible to connection issues like this. If it makes sense for your project, you might consider cutting your AOI into several smaller components.

Hi Dave,

thank you for reply. It was consistent whenever I chose a small grid size (100m as opposed to 1000m). I’ll try to clip a municipality inside the region AOI and see if that works.

Thank you for the tip!