Fisheries Model not availabe in User's guide

i would like to ask for the reason why the documentation of the fisheries model was taken from the inVest user’s guide? Is there a problem with the model or is there another reason?
Thanks in advance and best regards

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Hi @Felix , the reason the documentation for the fisheries model being taken down from the user’s guide is that we decided to deprecate and remove the fisheries model from InVEST due to a lack of use and the burden of maintaining the model. The last version of InVEST that includes the Fisheries model is InVEST 3.9.2, which can be downloaded from here:

If you need access to the user’s guide for that model, documentation for it can be found with the 3.9.2 installation and also online at this link: Fisheries — InVEST documentation


Hi @jdouglass thank you for your answer.
Regards, Felix

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Do you maybe have tips on how to obtain the necessary data for example the survival rates?
It would be very much appreciated!

Hi @Felix -

Even we at NatCap haven’t used this model very much, so I asked one of our analysts who has. As with the biophysical table for most of our models, the data are found in a variety of places including scientific literature about the species of interest, and data on the fishery in particular - i.e. stock assessments etc. Unfortunately, there isn’t much general guidance for this, it’s rather species- and fishery-specific. But I’ll point you to one of our studies that I believe made use of this model, which might provide inspiration.

In general, correctly parameterizing and validating this model is something that is very difficult for those of us who aren’t fisheries biologists, which is part of the reason we’ve deprecated it from InVEST.

~ Stacie

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Hi Stacie,
thank you very much for your efforts!