Model datasets for crop yields

Hi all, my study area is dominated by potato, but in the 175 food crops dataset, potato is a marginal crop compared to wheat, soybean and maize and his observations are not as accurate. So after running the model the results are not as good as they could be. I have an idea if it is possible to update the raster data for potato observations to better match the study area?

Hi @summon,

I think it should be fine to use your own observed yield raster for potato. You will want to replace the model data raster with your own by:

  1. Locate the model data in C:\Program Files\InVEST_3.10.1_x64\sample_data\CropProduction\model_data\observed_yield (Windows)
  2. Rename potato_yield_map.tif to backup-potato_yield_map.tif
  3. Put your potato yield raster into that folder and name it potato_yield_map.tif

It might be worth making sure the raster you are using is in the same projection as the model data raster you are replacing. Let us know how it goes!


Yes, thank you for your approval, I will give you feedback after the actual operation