Modeling carbon storage and sequestration tradeoffs with climate change impact such as salinity , temperature. e.t.c

I am a graduate student who will be starting research in ecosystem service in late August using InVEST Carbon Model. My focus is to model carbon storage and sequestration with climate change impact, such as temperature and salinity and then make future scenarios about this relationship (2050, 2100). I want to make an inquiry if there is a possibility to model this, i.e modeling salinity with carbon storage and sequestration. If yes, I would like to request for a hint or a little guideline about it.
This will be a great help for me, and I will really appreciate it. thanks.

Hi @Demoore ,

Welcome to the forum! We are glad to hear that you are planning to use InVEST for your research.

With any InVEST model, it is first recommended that you read it’s section of our User Guide thoroughly before getting started. It explains how to use the model, including how to compare different scenarios (such as climate change).

After that, it may be helpful to familiarize yourself by testing out the sample data, downloadable here.

You can view a short training video for the model here. We also recommend taking our free online course, available here.

After reviewing these resources, please let us know if you have any specific questions.


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Hi @Demoore -

Along with Jesse’s suggestions, I’ll add that our carbon model is extremely simple, and does not include any sort of complex biophysical processes, including temperature and salinity, it does not grow trees or evolve the soil, none of it. All it does is add up the carbon pool data that you provide, and map it to a land cover map. So if you need to model the effects of temperature and salinity on carbon storage, you’ll need to look for a different model.

~ Stacie