Output result are not satisfactory


I am interested in using the crop production model for different crops particularly in India. While preparing the necessary data it is instructed in user guide

Clip the global climate bin map from model_data/extended_climate_bin_maps/ to the extent of the user-provided landcover map.

My landcover map is lied in India but the extended_climate_bin_maps for different crop in sample data is for US territory only.

I am doubtful that how they will work for my study area. what should be next step to solve this issue or am I interpreting something wrong. seeking your expert opinion in this topic


HI @MeenuRani -

It sounds like you’re reading the User Guide description of how the Percentile model works. These are steps that the model does, you do not need to do them.

Looking at the rasters in the folder extended_climate_bin_maps, I’m pretty sure that there is only data for places where that particular crop is grown (according to the source data). For example, there is no data for almonds in Canada, or Siberia, because they are not grown there. But the data is still global in coverage.

~ Stacie

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Thanks Stacie,

you are right, I am able to run crop production model successfully for my study and it clipped climate bins for the same automatically by model.


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