Rainy events for seasonal water yield model of InVEST

Dear NatCap team
I am working on the seasonal water yield model of InVEST. However, I am a little bit confused to determine the rainy events. In the user guide, values higher than 0.1 mm can be taken. However, when I consult with some groups, I have got like this; usually when modelling flow generation and water erosion processes there is lower threshold of rainfall not considered as it does not contribute to flow nor water erosion as it is evaporated back to the atmosphere within a day or less. From them, I have got a suggestion of >2 mm. What do you suggest me? Thank you for your clarification in advance.
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Dear Temesgen,
if you have good local information that rainfall events below 2 mm do neither generate runoff nor infiltration, I would recommend setting the threshold to 2 mm. Probably you can also experiment with few different thresholds to check the sensitivity of results to the threshold value.


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Many thanks for your suggestion