Rapseed regression yield table missing?

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I am running the crop production regression model for 6 different crops in my study area, including rapeseed but ran into an error stating that the rapeseed regression yield table is not present in the model data directory.

I thought this may have been a problem with my initial install of InVEST so I downloaded the files again from the main website and this file is indeed missing despite being listed as one of the 11 crops included in the regression model.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

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Hi @MaxRayner,

Thanks for posting about this issue. I also can confirm that the regression table for rapeseed is missing. I’ll reach out to some folks familiar with the model and see if we can’t track it down!



Hi Doug,

Thanks for the swift follow up, very much appreciated



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Hi @MaxRayner, I apologize for this. We do not have regression tables for rapeseed. It was years ago we cut this table and I vaguely recall that we did not feel confident in the model posed for that croptype. You may also have noticed in the user’s guide we say we model 12 crops but only list 11. There was one other one we dropped too (I’m sorry this was so long ago). I’ve updated the user’s guide on our end but if you were interested in someone who might be able to help you with the wider scope of what you’re working on you could contact the original authors or maintainers. Nathan Mueller published this work when he was a grad student at UMN (now a professor at Harvard: http://environment.harvard.edu/about/fellows/nathaniel-d-mueller) or Jamie Gerber, a scientist who still works at IonE at UMN: jsgerber@umn.edu. These are both close collaborators of our and nice people so I’m sure they’d be helpful if you needed them.

I apologize again for that issue in our documentation.


Hi Rich, thanks for your help and I appreciate the contact details of Nathan and Jamie too.



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