RIOS Portfolio Translator- error in loading RIOS Workspace - csv.Error: Could not determine delimiter

My RIOS Portfolio Translator is not loading my RIOS Workspace. I have csv error problem - csv.Error: Could not determine delimiter.

04/11/2020 13:31:43 natcap.rios.rios_porter update_workspace INFO attempting to load IPA workpace into PORTER
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\natcap-servers\jenkins-home\workspace\natcap.rios\build\rios\out00-PYZ.pyz\natcap.rios.rui.rios_porter”, line 178, in update_workspace
File “C:\Users\natcap-servers\jenkins-home\workspace\natcap.rios\build\rios\out00-PYZ.pyz\natcap.rios.porter_core”, line 219, in load_lulc_types
File “C:\Users\natcap-servers\jenkins-home\workspace\natcap.rios\build\rios\out00-PYZ.pyz\pygeoprocessing.geoprocessing”, line 2512, in get_lookup_from_csv
File “C:\Users\natcap-servers\jenkins-home\workspace\natcap.rios\build\rios\out00-PYZ.pyz\csv”, line 188, in sniff_csv.Error: Could not determine delimiter

Any suggestions? Thanks.


Hi @Modeste -

It would be helpful to have the entire log file (.txt) that RIOS produces in your Workspace, it might have additional information to help us understand what’s happening.

In general, our models require that tables are in CSV (comma-separated value) format, where each value is separated by commas - not semicolons, tabs or anything else. If the log file provides more information about which table it’s having problems with, try opening that table in a text editor like Notepad (not Excel, where we can’t see the delimeters) and make sure that the table values are separated by commas. If they’re not, try replacing them all with commas, which you can do in the text editor, or through Excel by choosing to save it specifically as “CSV (comma delimited)”.

If you do it in Excel, open it in a text editor as a sanity check, since it seems that sometimes it still insists on saving with values separated by semicolons, which is annoying. In that case, you’ll have to make the changes in a text editor.

~ Stacie

Thanks @swolny for your reply.

I have checked the only csv file in the RIOS workspace (activity_raster_id_to_type.csv) in Notepad and it is comma delimited.
Please, find attached the log file: natcap.rios-log-2020-04-13–16_26_03.txt (612.5 KB)

Thanks for your help.

Please, @swolny, I would like to know if you have checked the log file for me. Thanks.

Hi @Modeste -

Thanks for posting the log file, it appears to be from the first step (IPA), and doesn’t show any errors, which I would expect. And I’m guessing that there’s no additional output from PORTER, aside from the error that you posted.

It’s not obvious why the error is happening, but if you can send me your RIOS Workspace and note the Suffix that you used (which you are using as input for PORTER), I’ll see if I can replicate the error. You can share your data any way that’s convenient to you (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) and can email the link to me at swolny at

~ Stacie

Hi @Modeste -

Thanks for sending me your data. I was able to replicate the problem, which is probably a bug in the PORTER software. Unfortunately, we are no longer doing software support for RIOS, so we won’t be fixing the bug.

However, we do have a document that lists the steps that you can do manually in a GIS to combine the activity portfolio rasters with your land cover map, and create the biophysical coefficients that go into InVEST (which is what PORTER would be doing for you.) This document is attached here. It is a general listing of the steps involved, with a few mentions of ArcGIS tools, but of course you can do your processing in QGIS instead. And it’s not difficult, just a little time-consuming.

~ Stacie

RIOS_InVEST_manual_HowTo_v2.txt (7.9 KB)

Hi @swolny,

Thanks for being able to replicate the problem.

Thanks for sharing with me the manuel. I will do it manually.

Thanks for being so kind and nice in helping me.

May God bless you!