Seasonal water yield-watershed (vector file)

Hello, community

I’m going to run the SWY and there seems to have something wrong with the input of Watershed. I have watershed available in *shp file but it didn’t work. The message said “Watershed (Vector): file could not be opened as a GDAL vector”. Could you please help me with it?
Thanks very much.

Hi @Trang_Luong,

Thanks for posting to the forums and hopefully we can help resolve the issue. Are you able to open the Shapefile in a GIS software like ArcGIS or QGIS? If you would like to upload the Shapefile or share it through a Google Drive, Dropbox, or other link, I can take a try at troubleshooting. One of the first things I would try is to open the file QGIS and check that it has a valid projection set.