Sediment Deposition model: Dataset must be projected in linear units


I am working with the Sediment Deposition model. Before running the model, I get an error that says, “Dataset must be projected in linear units” for all the inputs. As far as I know my data has linear units. Can you help me sort this out?

Thanks, in advance.
Aditi Majumdar

Hi @Aditi_Majumdar,

It sounds like one or more of your spatial inputs is still projected in a lat/long geographic coordinate system, like WGS84. For the input not validating, could you load it into QGIS or ArcGIS and double check the units or pixel size? These are great ways to get a sanity check on whether the dataset is projected in lat/long or linear units. In QGIS if you double click the layer (open properties) and go to “information”, all that detail should be there.

Sometimes what can happen is that a dataset will have a projection “assigned”, but not actually have been reprojected to that.



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Project DEM and LULC change remote sensing data set to the linear coordinate system (WGS) not Geographical system, and make sure that all imageries are in .tiff format

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