Urban Cooling_ T air calculate error


I have encountered problems with air temperature calculation in the Cooling model.
I got the Tair_nomix (seems correct),but their has no value for Tair.
The column in the aoi.shp is Null for avg_tmp_v and avg_tmp_an.

T_air_nomix(left) T_air(right)

Is there any possible way to solve this condition? thanks

Hi @zhongan.wang , I think the same issue just came up over here Urban Cooling _ nan values (new) - #8 by dave

Do you think this is the same problem?

thanks @dave for your reply,

I had tried your solution earlier, it can calculate T air well for small area.

But still can’t works when I put all my study area in. The aoi.shp already clips for 1500m from the edges lulc raster, and my air blending area set for only 100m. The result as below.

  • The one in the middle is the success one (for a town scale).
  • The pink line is the edge of area of interest.
  • The black polygon is the Tair rater; grayscale is Tair nomix raster.
  • The bottom one are lulc raster.

As the T air shows a rectangular area, does it means the lulc raster need to cover all rectangular extent area of aio.shp?

thanks alot

Hi @zhongan.wang , thanks for following up. There may indeed be a problem with the convolution step that creates T_air.tif from T_air_nomix.tif and how it handles nodata pixels. I haven’t had time yet to reduce the problem to a small reproducible example, but it’s on my todo list.

I think it should be okay if the lulc raster has nodata values outside the bounds of the AOI shape, but due to a bug, that may be a problem. I’ll try to learn more about what is happening soon.