Habitat quality model - output nan

Hello Community!

This question was asked previously but no solution was posted. I successfully ran the habitat quality model, but when I open the output files using ArcGIS, no map/output data appears and there are no unique values to be interpreted or attributes. In ArcGIS the values show as “nan”. I am using the windows version 3.11.0. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated!


InVEST-natcap.invest.habitat_quality-log-2022-08-29–19_57_40.txt (32.1 KB)

Hi @tguider, and welcome to the forum!

Thanks for posting your log file. One thing I see in it is this:
WARNING Empty or NaN values were found in the table: C:\Desktop\PBC 499 GIS\Threats\threat.csv

I’m not sure that this is causing the nan results that you see, but it would be worth looking closely at the threat table to make sure that all required entries have values. If you don’t see an obvious problem in the table, if you post your input data I can take a look at it.

~ Stacie

Hi @tguider,

Have you made any progress on this? I’m also seeing this warning in the logfile:

WARNING natcap\invest\utils.py:415: RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in true_divide

My guess is that is the cause of the issue. If it’s not clear which input rasters might be causing the issue, I’m happy to take a look at your inputs. You can zip them up and share via a cloud sharing service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

~ Doug