Habitat Quality model runs successfully but generates empty maps

Dear InVEST community,

I am currently running InVEST and, although the model runs successfully, the model is returning degradation and quality raster files that are empty. The curious thing is that I was running the software last week with the same data and generated maps with valid values.

Investigating the log file the following sentence that might be useful to find the problem was found:

{‘threat’: ‘l_salhm’, ‘max_dist’: 0.01, ‘weight’: 0.6, ‘decay’: ‘linear’, ‘cur_path’: ‘salh.tif’}
2022-03-07 01:51:35,320 (natcap.invest.habitat_quality) habitat_quality._create_decay_kernel(881) DEBUG Max distance in pixels: 0.3406250744780396
2022-03-07 01:51:35,396 (py.warnings) warnings._showwarnmsg(109) WARNING natcap\invest\habitat_quality.py:970: RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in true_divide

The log file is also attached

InVEST-Habitat-Quality-log-2022-03-07–01_06_48.txt (132.4 KB)

Any help or insights are very welcome!



Hi @LeticiaHissa , thanks for posting. Issues like this are usually an outcome of some problem with the input data. I suggest examining your input data closely in GIS. If you load all your input data layers, do they all have correctly defined coordinate systems? If you overlay them on some unrelated base map (e.g. country boundaries) do all the data appear where they should?

If you load the data from inside the intermediate folder in the workspace into your GIS, are those layers empty? Are some of them valid but others not?

If you cannot find any problems with the input data, please share your input data with us (via google drive, dropbox, etc) and we can take a closer look. Thank you,